So what do you get when you toss together a dog named Benji, a 7 year old’s misspelled exercise programme, years of teaching and instructing exercise classes, a deep desire to help people grow, a passion for the outdoors and a good dose of crazy?


I think I always knew that fitness would be my life. I have to laugh when I tell this, but it’s true, my mom has the evidence: a very detailed exercise programme that I wrote for myself in Grade 2. It’s full of spelling mistakes and has instructions for cartwheels, push-ups, one-legged hops and even the particulars for when to eat my orange.

Misspelled exercise programmes graduated to beach circuits with the best training buddy ever (my dog Benji) to full-blown fitness and health programmes for high school friends. It was in high school, I think, that I first began to see how people are transformed when they catch a glimpse of their potential in just one little area like fitness.


After studying personal and group fitness training in Stellenbosch, I took the plunge and became a franchise owner and trainer for a branch of Adventure Boot Camp for Women. I learned a lot from six years of Boot Camp, along with coaching different sports across different age groups and instructing spinning and step classes. It became glaringly obvious that one size does not fit all, that exercise should be varied and used to improve quality of life.

And voila! That’s how the Mix It Up with Miena (aka #MIU) concept was born. #MIU was the brainchild of years of experience wrapped up in an authentic, unconventional and holistic approach, and tied with an adventurous little bow.


#MIU is about teaching people to live from the inside out – to explore different forms of exercise and the great outdoors so that not only their bodies are changed, but their lives. I believe that if we allow the process of adventure to empower us, it’ll change our outlook on everything.

In the barnyard studio on the beautiful Nietgegund farm we aim to increase strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and stamina using a broad spectrum of disciplines so that the members of the #MIU tribe can confidently explore the outdoors and see places they didn’t think they had the courage to see. Whether it’s trail running, mountain biking, surfing, hiking or competing in a wide variety of races, in the #MIU community we commit to living healthier, fitter and more adventurous lives.