The Mix It Up approach is all about adventure, challenge and fun! At the #MIU studio, my goal is to keep your body and mind engaged and challenged and give you a fresh perspective on a healthy active lifestyle.


My approach is rooted in two concepts: functionality and adaptability. How we train our bodies should be applicable to everyday life, whether that’s picking up a 30kg bag of dog food, hoisting your toddler from hip to hip, or running up a mountain. Our days demand flexibility, strength, agility and stamina from our bodies, and that’s why I aim for a balanced fusion between heavy and light, fast and slow, controlled and dynamic. My underlying intention is to use your body’s inherent capacity for movement to the full. This means that we alternate heavy and medium weights and resistance; perform cardiovascular intervals and metabolic conditioning circuits; and focus on lengthening, core strengthening exercises borrowed from Pilates and yoga.

Regardless of the routine we’re doing on a particular day, the emphasis is always on what your body can do (like climb a mountain), how you feel about that marvelous feat and the vibe you’re a part of because of the tribe you’re with. There is so much more to fitness than just focusing on how your body should look!

From studio group classes to individual training sessions – come discover the fun exercise was meant to be!


Will I get bulky?

There’s a difference between building lean muscle mass and getting bulky. The variety and emphasis on functional/natural movements in the #MIU studio will minimise the repetitive shortening of muscles that often accompany monotonous strength training programs. At the end of the day physique size should not be at the expense of function and fitness.

After all, have you ever seen a bodybuilder run comfortably and quickly up a mountain? Probably not. But will you get stronger? Absolutely.

What if I’m not very fit?

Don’t worry! I adjust weights and exercises to suit your fitness level and take into account any previous or current injuries.

What’s the difference between you and Crossfit?

Lifting heavy and pushing hard with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is great when it’s alternated with exercises that are softer on the joints and the ligaments. Pushing too hard every single day will lead to injuries and shortened muscles. Conversely, only using 2 to 3kg weights for five years will never increase your strength and stamina and your body will plateau. That’s why we mix it up at #MIU. Our bodies were designed with a huge capacity for movement in many directions, which is why I believe we shouldn’t limit our movements to just the latest exercise trend.


There are MANY different types or combinations of classes. The aim is to design group sessions that cater for the needs of everyone in the group and therefore some groups will do more or less of a specific type of class.

This is another reason why group dynamic plays such a massive roll in individual goals. The better the individuals in the group commit to working together, taking responsibility for their own effort, but also being accountable to each other, the more they can accomplish – because the beauty of group training is that we become stronger together.

The functionality of the exercises and class types will always be kept in check by alternating between actions like pulls, pushes, lifts, rotations and – if your body allows it – explosiveness, like a jump.

The adaptability of the classes will be kept in check by never repeating the exact same class, unless with fitness testing. #MIU prides itself in constantly evolving and staying true to the concept of MIXING IT UP.

We will continue to combine different elements to create fresh and fun ways of moving your mind and body in the best possible way for you to continue to grow into a healthier and happier individual.


Personal training is perfect for you if you’re recovering from an injury or want to be laser-focused. Pick an hour, one-on-one or two-on-one